How the Send Nudes App Uses 6 Sigma To Improve Their Functionality

There is a new app that has been making waves across social media.

It’s called the Send Nudes app, and it helps people send nude photos to their friends in a timely manner with just a few taps of a finger.

We’re going to take you through this innovative app’s design process, from conception all the way to launch. We’ll also give you some tips on how to apply 6 sigma principles to your own app development process.

The Basics Of The Send Nudes App Design Process

An app like this could have gone several ways when it was first conceived. It could have been an expensive app with very little functionality or it could have had basic features but with high quality graphics and animations.

However, the team behind the Send Nudes app decided to go for simplicity over everything else. They wanted their app to be easy for users to use without having to spend much time using it.

This meant they needed to make sure that every single feature of their app was as easy to understand and operate as possible.

In order to do this, they took many steps including:

Making each button one-tap away from the next.

Using concise language in all screens.

Ensuring that all features were easily accessible.

Keeping the design simple with only two color schemes.

They even used the same font throughout the entire application.

These small but important details made the Send Nudes app easier for users to navigate and use than other apps.

The Result? A Highly Functional Application That’s Easy On The Eyes

Applying 6 Sigma To App Design

Now that we’ve discussed how the Send Nudes app went about designing their app, let’s look at how you can apply these techniques to your own app design process. Here are three things you should keep in mind:

1. Minimize complexity.

A great way to reduce the complexity of your app is to prioritize features that help the user accomplish a task quickly and efficiently.

For example, if someone wants to find out which friends are online and what they’re up to right now, then giving them one screen to view everyone who is currently logged into the app will make it easier for them to locate those friends.

If you want to know more about how to simplify complex tasks, read our article here.

2. Use intuitive terminology.

Make sure that your users understand the terminology you’re using to describe your app’s features. You’ll often need to use words that aren’t widely known by most people. However, you can avoid confusion by referring to certain terms in different ways based on where they appear in the app.

For example, if you’re using icons to represent specific features, you can call them differently depending on whether they’re located on the main menu, on the side bar, or somewhere else entirely.

3. Create consistent messaging.

The easiest way to create consistency in a product is to make sure that all of its marketing materials have similar messages. This includes logos, videos, screenshots, and any other images that represent your brand.

These guidelines can help users recognize your app’s logo and understand what it does even before they download it.

As you can see, the designers behind the Send Nudes app took the approach of keeping their app as simple as possible. By following these tips yourself, you too can make your app easier to use and more efficient for your customers.

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